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stainless steel


Technology developed in the production of panel systems allows the construction of a self-supporting insulation which, besides maintaining the thermal insulation  at a very high degree, simplifies the assembly, reduces heat dispersions and problems concerning thermal expansions of different materials, at last eliminates problems of corrosion of retaining carpentries with the result of reducing costs.


SAV-E realizes panel systems of various thickness and finishes in stainless steel, into which polyurethane, which depending on the applications and requests can be assembled to a mineral wool layer, is skimmed off; this specific technology allows to reach high levels of insulation permitting the realization of panels in condition to insulate up to 250°C. Modularity and personalization simplify assembly procedures as well as maintenance and cleanliness of machinery. Panels, which are tested for industrial use conditions, are realized for mechanically withstanding static load and thermal expansions maintaining unaltered the chemical and physical properties.
SAV-E supports its customers in the planning, in this way it is possible to realize panels which meet all requests: cost reduction, ease of assembly, thermal efficiency, points of access for simplifying procedures of maintenance and inspections for process control.
SAV-E panel employs stiff polyurethane in hive shape with a medium density of 43 kg/mc. Thermosetting effect is given by a very thick crosslinking which leads to the polymerization with a uniform distribution and a homogeneous interfacial contact.



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